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Build team in-house or outsource. What is the best?

Probably if you already have your own in-house team you know what that means:

  • Working only office hours from 8 am to 5pm. Not flexible,
  • Additional employer costs,
  • Managing problems,
  • Increaseing employer costs in your country,
  • You have to cover costs of office/workplace, equipment, software and training,
  • At the end that means your budget per worker average is from 3000 to even 5000 GBP/EUR per month

When your business is scaling up,
you also need to recruit and it also cost you time and money.
It all will change when you use Let’s.PRO outsourcing service.

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What is outsourcing and why is worth to use it?

Employee outsourcing is a service thanks to which your company doesn’t have to go through the entire process of recruiting new employees.

Employee leasing concerns the hiring of employees who are delegated to perform specific tasks. The advantage of this situation is saving time, it’s on our side to find the right candidate for a job that will meet your requirements.

We will create a department for you

If you are planning to reduce rising costs in your company and are considering outsourcing employees from a department other than your main establishment, we are ready and willing to create any department of your company and outsource it.

We are the only company in Poland that knows how to build teams based on values and talent.

When looking for the strongest employees for your business, we work on personality tests such as Gallup talents, DiSC and MBTI tests. In addition, we operate in multiple stages and run other pre-employment candidate testing activities. In fact, it all depends on the position and its relevance to the company. We take into account the multi-faceted nature of each business and the departments we have to create.

We will recruit for you and identify the strongest candidates

We will create a department and define objectives to be achieved within it, set by you.

We will control the way things are managed

You will receive a regular progress report on your department’s work

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