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E-commerce UK case study right from our doorstep.  2011-2023          

Our first business relationship in UK started from e-commerce. We meet our partner in UK accidentally. We just know that he have very good potential product to sell online. In first steps we do all things with him stationery in the UK, and the business was small. We were responsible for sales his products on Amazon, then on eBay.

When we meet he had around 700k gbp per a year revenue online.

After the first year of cooperation the client increased his sales with our service to 2mln gbp per year.

In 2013 5mln, 2014 – 9 mln, from 2015 to 2020 around 20mln gbp per year.

After a year, we started doing it remotely. And full sales team move to the Poland helping him in cost effective.

In the results :

🔸 reduced employee costs by exactly 65% compared to what he had to pay in the UK ✔ 💰

🔸 reduced the cost of the office a lot ✔ 💰

🔸 we have created 16 brands and expand his sales a lot into Europe and US.

🔸 we have created 6x departments inside for ecommerce, it is: listing, advertising, analysis, graphics, compliance and customer service

🔸 improved financial performance thanks to the improvements we propose in the course of our work, going beyond our outsourced customer service responsibilities

🔳 in addition, the client has avoided doing things he doesn’t know how to do, namely:

◾ recruitment,

◾ full e-commerce sales process

◾ looking for and training a manager

◾ team management

◾ resolve compliance problems

and the client was able to grow the business which consequently almost tripled (20x) ❗ ❗ ❗ 💰 💰 💰

their financial result from previous years

🔳Key benefits brought to the client by using outsourcing at LetsPRO:

🔸 above all, the client has significantly reduced operational costs in e-commerce team.

🔸 the client started fulfilment service business and now he is grow this sector which is connected to e-commerce

And this is only the beginning of the expansion.

🔸 the client optimised the number of employees, as the initial in-house team for customer service consisted of I don’t know maybe 100 people, working two-thirds of the day, and by improving efficiency and embracing processes we are doing 24 hours with 30 people, which previously would have been impossible. 💹

🔳This story can be yours too. If like our client you’d like to save costs, while bringing your company into the remote working environment and bet on partner with a track record in team outsourcing, then get in touch.

RentPRO outsourcing consists primarily of the following departments:

🔹 customer service, including premium customer service 365/24/7

🔹 compliance team

🔹 sales department

🔹graphics department

🔹marketing department

🔹e-commerce sales department

🔹 e-commerce analytical departments

🔹 custom team up to your needs

We can save you time and money by offering proven solutions using the employee outsourcing service provided by our company.


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