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What is outsourcing and why is worth to use it?

Employee outsourcing is a service thanks to which your company doesn’t have to go through the entire process of recruiting new employees.

Employee leasing concerns the hiring of employees who are delegated to perform specific tasks. The advantage of this situation is saving time, it’s on our side to find the right candidate for a job that will meet your requirements.


Are you a retailer in the e-commerce area? Do you have a lot of graphics to edit and you can’t handle it all by yourself anymore? Don’t outsource it to graphics companies, try hiring your own product graphics team at Let’s.Pro.

We have 10 years of experience in product graphics operating successfully at Amazon, eBay and Aliexpress and Allegro. We operate in a variety of industries and will produce graphics that sell. And it will take your auction to a new level.

We will train and build a team for you to raise the profile of your products and improve their visibility online.

We have our own proprietary recruitment and management systems and years of experience in leading teams and recruitment. We are constantly active in various international collaborations across a range of industries. An out-of-the-box style of working and delivering projects right to the very end is our hallmark. Stay professional and start the adventure with us. 

Immediate access to specialists

No need for a recruitment process

Choosing a proven and experienced partner

No need to manage people

Cheaper than hiring employees in-house

saving resources and time

the key to success

Graphics specializations

Save your time and resources, start outsourcing with Lets Pro. Have your unique remote team of professionals here in Poland. Check out our graphics specialization:

product graphics
graphic banners
sales graphics for marketplaces
photo editing

Product box design made by our graphic designers.

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